Exam Eligibility

                                                                  Essentials for Qualifying to appear in University Examinations

(1) Attedance   

  1. (i) 75% of attendance in a subject for appearing in the examination is compulsory,  provided he/she has 80% attendance in non lecture teaching i.e. seminars, group discussions, tutorials, demonstrations, practicals,Hospital (Tertiary, Secondary, Primary) postings and bed side clinics, etc.
  3. (ii) Students must be regular and punctual in lectures, demonstrations, seminars, practicals, field work and such other academic exercises. They are required to attend all the allotted working periods in each of the prescribed subjects.
  5. (iii) Students whose conduct, attendance or progress is not satisfactory will not be allowed to appear for the University examination


(2)Internal Assessment

  1. ​ (i)  It shall be based on day to day assessments, evaluation of student assignments, preparation for seminars, clinical case presentations etc.
  3.  (ii) Regular periodical examinations shall be conducted throughout the course.
  5.  (iii) Day to day records will be given importance during internal assessment.




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