Mission & Vision

RMRI>Mission (Our Purpose)


To produce professionals par excellence in the field of sciences,technology and medicine & allied sciencs for tomorrow to enhance quality of life,education and research as an center of international eminences.


Vision (Our Aspiration)


Vision statement of our trust is stretregic plan to be acheived in 5 years and will be monitored and reviewed every year . The vision statement envisages:


1. To produce competent, compassionate life long learner medical professionals, technocrates, scientists and health professionals known for excellence in teaching, research, health care and other service industry internationally

2. To be recognised globally amongst the institutions par excellence by virtue of its innovative teaching learning process, skill acquisition methodology and development, and innovative solution to community health probelms.

3. To create and develop scientific and technological advances in field of Education, Research community health delivery system by adopting interdisciplinary approaches, Inter-professional Relationships , partnerships with local and regional communities collaboration as well as with Industry

4. To establish and maintain collaboration linkage with national and international premier  Institutes for faculty development, academic methodology advancement, basic and translational research program for faculty and students of our institutions.


Core Values


The core values of the RMRI shall be the plateform for fulfill its mission and acheiveing vision.


1. Strive for advancement and perfectness in teaching, education, health care deleivery system and biomedical research

2. Leadership role in global development of faculty and student and service to the community at large

3. Social and Public Health Responsibility to address local, state, national and international health and public policy issues.

4. Collaboration and Communication with national and international establishments to acheive mission and vision.

5. Respect, Ethical Behavior and Professionalism- Commitment to diversity amonsgst the manpower to ensure ethical working environment.

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