Obstetrics & Gynecology Department is engaged in the treatment for all kind of pre-natal, natal and post-natal problems, Gynecological complications, Infertility problems, High Risk Pregnancy and menopause complications etc. The department is equipped with labor room, caesarian section, separate maternity and child care unit. Department also offers health education & clinical assistance related to pregnancy and infertility at the Rural and Urban Health Training Centers on weekly basis.   



Demonstration Rooms

RMRI is adopting best practices for tutorials/demonstrations. Department has two demonstration rooms of 60 Sq.M & 75 seating capacity each fitted with strip chairs, over head projector, slide projector, & other audio-visual aids. 

Lecture Theatre

The Institute has state-of-the-art air conditioned lecture rooms that are designed spaciously to accommodate the students at a time. All the lecture rooms are facilitated with audio visual equipments including LCD projectors, slide projectors, microphones, etc. Apart from the lecture rooms, all the departments have seminar/demonstration rooms with audio-visual aids. Digital IP cameras are installed to record live lectures, which are converted into digital format for the provision of E-learning. Multi-purpose halls are designed for conducting exams. These halls are well equipped with surveillance system to monitor the students during examination.

Faculty Profile

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Dr. Shehla Jamal

Associate Professor


1. Jamal S, GoelNeerja, Mehta A. Recurrent Severe Gestational Thrombocytopenia: A rare case.Int J Adv Med. 2017: Dec 4(6). 2. Jamal S, Srivastava R. A Retrospective Analytical study of the Epidemiology and causes of preterm Birth.Int J ReprodContraceptObstetGynecol. 2017 Dec ;6(12).


Jamal S, Mehta A, Goel N, Ahuja M. Obstetric ICU Admissions: Challenges faced at a Tertiary Referral Centre. Int J ReprodContraceptObstetGynecol 2018( accepted for publication in volume 7, issue 5, May).


1. First Prize in International Adolescent Conference at Gurgaon, 2020 (International) 2. Second prize as Corona Warrior by Uttar Pradesh Chapter of Obstetrics and Gynecology (State)

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