Rajendra Kumar Agarwal




Chairman Speaks

I extend a warm welcome to all the medical students aspiring to join our prestigious Institute for their studies and I believe that you will find Rajshree Institute to be an extraordinarily welcoming place. We all know that there is an urgent need for more medical professionals in our country to serve people of all ages. Daily advances, changes and challenges in the medical field affect the way; they may practice in future. We understand the complexities in the delivery of medical education that’s why we aim to equip our students with knowledge and information essential to make them competent medical professionals sensitive to their environment having adequate capacity to respond to all challenges. We are committed to teach the next generation of physicians not only to be excellent doctors, but to be compassionate and effective communicators. We at Rajshree Institute will provide medical education of exceptional quality and inculcate the students the concepts of continuing education for life and thereby preparing them to serve the underserved. I hope that after completing medical education from Rajshree, you will be well-prepared to make long-term contributions to the profession and to our communities. 

Make a healthy nation.

Rakesh Kumar Agarwal


Secretary Speaks


I am delighted to be here at this pivotal juncture in the history of Rajshree Group of Institutions and I welcome all the medical students in the Institute. In today’s world, where scientific, technological and medical advances seem to occur at warp speed, it’s essential to keep pace with this wave of perpetual transformation. We at Rajshree ensure that every student gets an equal opportunity to learn that allows them to maximize their potential. Our outstanding and experienced faculty has taken a leadership role in ensuring that we offer our students a comprehensive and stimulating environment of learning. We plant the seeds of lifelong learning and social responsibility so that they serve the society in a responsible manner and promote the scientific and humanitarian practice of medicine by discovering better ways to fight human disease.


I wish you all a brilliant and productive career in the service of mankind.

Dr. Monika Agarwal

(Vice Chairperson)

Vice Chairperson Speaks

It is my privilege and honour to welcome you at Rajshree Institute which is established to drive transformation in health care. Its objective is not only to cure the sick but also to bring health and ease, rest and comfort to mind and body. We are committed to achieve this objective by developing quality health care professionals to alleviate human sufferings through healing hands. The idea is to bring the highest standards of expertise and skill involved in the treatment of patients, using the most advanced and sophisticated instrument techniques available currently in the world and to bring the benefits of these at an affordable cost to the common man. Our strength lies in a team of highly qualified and experienced dedicated faculty, supported by an equally dedicated paramedical nursing & supportive staff. The institute has state-of–the-art infrastructure and an environment conducive to meet academic, extracurricular and co-curricular aspirations of medical professionals.

I heartily invite you for these programmes with good wishes for your future. I promise you that your sincere efforts as a student and the excellent inputs from the faculty of this Institute would make you a true professional to serve the ailing humanity all over the globe.