pulmonary medicine

pulmonary medicine


The Department of Pulmonary Medicine was established with the vision to impart quality services for professional excellence and commitment for sustainable development in the field of pulmonary diseases. The importance of this department is much more because of the higher prevalence of Tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases in this area.Over the years, the department has steadily grown and emerged as one of the leading department providing excellence in clinical, interventional, academic and research activities. The department possesses modern video bronchoscopy, ventilators, and other necessary apparatus and equipment to deliver quality care to patients. The Pulmonary Medicine department stands out for its commitment to patient well-being, offering state-of-the-art services in pulmonary OPD, ward, and ICU, along with allied services such as interventional pulmonology, pulmonary function, and sleep laboratories. Additionally, it has a well-equipped pulmonary function testing unit with basic spirometry, lung volumes, resistance, and lung diffusion facilities.


Key Features:

  •  Committed to deliver quality clinical services to all patients suffering from respiratory illness
  • Caters to a wide spectrum of diseases of the chest ranging from airway disorders to interstitial lung diseases
  • Running daily OPD and indoor services
  • State of the art Pulmonary function laboratory and Bronchoscopy laboratory
  • Offering wide range of diagnostic facilities
  • Asthma Care programme/ Asthma Self-Management program
  • Patient Education and Rehabilitation

Key Specialist