We Put The Special Into Every Specialty. The department performs imaging and interventional Radio Diagnosis.

Radiology uses  different modalities for  painless diagnostic imaging that allow radiologists to see inside the areas of the body  to detect the disease process.Intervention Radiology is the performance of medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies.The Department of Radiology at Rajshree helps in diagnostics and image-guided procedure and therapy.

The department is well staffed with qualified Faculty and technicians and has latest technological and radiological equipment like 1.5 tesla MRI, Multislice CT scan, Pressure injector, Mammography, Color Doppler ultrasounds , Fluoroscopy, Static and Portable x-ray units and CR system.


We have a high-end, state-of-the-art 1.5 T MRI(Siemens Sempra) with TIM technology;Wedo both structural and functional studies. We routinely perform head-to-toe (every organ) MRIs in a short duration due to ultrafast sequences.

MR spectroscopy, Dynamic and Diffusion studies are routinely done to diagnose and classify different disease &cancers . MR angiography is done for brain and neck vessels to evaluate the condition of blood vessels during brain stroke. MR diffusion are mandatory to diagnose early brain stroke and many other diseases. Several high-end MR imaging applications are routinely used  in department to examine epileptic patients, Dynamic studies for pituitary microadenoma, Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography(MRCPs) for patients with liver ,Gallbladder & pancreatic disease. Musculoskeletal MRI is done for various body parts to examine tendons, ligaments and injuries . MRI  dynamic studies for abdomen and pelvic diseases including Prostate and uterine cancers .

We use macrocyclic MRI contrast which is latest and much safer contrast compared to old linear contrast , still routinely used by many centres


The department has 16 slice CT scan with dual head pressure injector. CT scanner capable of head-to-toe imaging.Besides doing routine imaging, we also do multiphase studies of abdominal organs, CT angiography for brain, Neck, Pulmonary artery , abdominal aorta identical to catheter angiography within few minutes. CT guided FNAC & biopsy are performed routinely.


We have high-endultrasound Color doppler machines that cater to the most basic and advanced scans required by the patients. The ultrasound facility of Radiology at Rajshree  offers diagnostic imaging and USG guided interventional therapeutic & diagnostic procedures.

All basic ultrasounds-Abdomen, pelvis, including transrectal, obstetric & Gynaecological including transvaginal, Sonomammography, small  organs like thyroid, scrotum, neonatal brain etc

Color doppler for peripheral arteries & veins, carotid vessels, Abdominal vessels, obstetric doppler etc

Ultrasound-guided interventional procedures like biopsies / FNAC (kidney, liver, breast lesion, lymph node, lung), thyroid and lymph node FNAC, Aspiration of ascites, pleural effusion ,abscess and pigtail insertion etc


The department provide effective diagnostic capabilities to address the breast cancer and diseases providing x-ray mammography, Sonomammography  and Breast Biopsies and FNAC

X-Ray Imaging:

The department is well equipped with computed Radiography(CR) , multiple static and portable x-ray units . They obtain high quality digital radiography. In addition to routine and emergency x-ray imaging, different x-ray procedures such as Barium studies, Urograms and hysterosalpingograms are normally performed.

The Department of Radiology is helping the needs of patient & all concerned physicians /departments to treat the patient in the right direction after their Radiological Investigations done by the team of well qualified faculty.

Key Features:

  • Offers a range of diagnostic and interventional imaging services for Inpatient and outpatient.
  • Accurate interpretation of the radiology for patient care
  • Training the next generation of radiologists and performing research in medical imaging.

Focus on making imaging advancements for the betterment of the patients and the future of radiological sciences

Key Specialist